​​Welcome to Launching Point!

After 10 years in Florham Park, we have relocated to Rockaway Borough in January 2016. Whether you are visiting our site on purpose or by accident, we are glad you did! You may feel alone, but you are not alone...consider visiting us during our daytime hours or stop by to one of our support groups.

Perhaps you are thinking you aren't ready yet or maybe mulling over about "getting it together" or finally dealing with the sudden tragic death of a loved one. What you are going through matters and we are here for you when you are ready! Our groups are for adults, those 18+ who are looking for support to overcome and deal with some tough issues.

It can be challenging to "change your behaivor patterns" or "approach the road to recovery", so when you have experiences that are too hard to put into words, it helps when someone can identify with them without needing you to explain, which opens the door to feeling more hopeful and less isolated. That's what we do! ​
  • Compassion, understanding, and patience, are just a few of the things you will experience at Launching Point.
You may think "Nobody understands". "Nobody knows what I've gone through". "They don't know the pain, if they did, they'd understand". So, you put up a wall; a really thick one. No matter what people do or say to you, you just let it roll off your back. That kind of thinking stops here!
  • Change seems impossible at times, but remember: "I'm Possible" comes from ImPossible. Once you bring a thought to mind, speak it out by bringing voice to it, begin to see the change, then go from seeing to believing, where you then begin to live that out!
Think It. Say It. See It. Believe It. Live It!
  • Please check out our online calendar of events and programs to see what we have scheduled. Feel free to look up our contact information, and find out more about the groups we offer by clicking on the links below. We have a new location in Rockaway, NJ and you are invited to visit us. We offer a safe place to share, leaders who have experienced similar hurts, time to learn, heal, grow and opportunities for accountability partners.

Self-Injury Support Group
taking place on Thursday and Friday nights. *Select Tuesday mornings.

Suicide Loss Support Group
1st Monday of every month
*to confirm, call ahead.

LP's Quirky Cafe takes place the 1st & 3rd Friday night of every month at 7:00pm!

This is the "heart" of Launching Point; take the "don't judge" pledge.
Check our calendar for upcoming events, activities, programs, and groups!

Radio talk show about overcoming self-injury and a variety of life struggles.
Launching Point will be at several festivals in the Spring through the Fall and you'll see details on the events page. When you go to festivals, just look for the "Don't Judge" tent! We always have literature, our popular "Don't Judge" stickers and our "Don't Judge" temporary tattoos.  Be sure to see us!

If you would like a sticker about not judging a person, just send us a self-addressed stamped envelppe or click for details on how you can get your ​Free Sticker!

We are a self-injury support and resource center offering a safe place to share in a support group setting. We offer encouragng support and opportunities for friendships, howerer we not a mental health facility nor do we provide clincal advice or mental health resources.

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