Launching Point is a unique organization that serves as a self-injury support and resource center in New Jersey. Launching Point is a 501(c)3 charitable organization, EIN/Tax ID: 20-8289482. 

  • Our purpose at Launching Point is to devote our time and efforts to providing awareness, support and relevant resources to those 18+ who struggle with self-injury, lack of hope, as well as assist friends and loved ones cope.
  • This vision is not limited to New Jersey, as we also reach hurting people and loved ones all throughout the United States!

All adults are welcome at Launching Point...when we say all, we mean ALL, regardless of your gender, race, religious beliefs, and/or sexual orientation. We would like to think that is known, but state it so that it is loud and clear: you need help, resources, etc., we are here for you. 

Since 2001.  Established 2006.

Through its founder, Vicki Duffy, Launching Point has been providing self-injury support, resources, awareness, and literature since 2001. She began speaking at hospitals and small groups.

On November 4, 2005 the first and only self-injury support group in New Jersey began! In October of 2006, Launching Point was incorporated and a year later in October of 2007 Launching Point was delcared a 501(c)3 charitable organization.

We have since grown, and in 2007 we added Celebrate Recovery, a step-based recovery program geared toward overcoming all addictions, and in 2010 we offered UnShackled, a 10-step recovery program to overcome self-injury.

Although Launching Point was birthed as a 'self-injury support & resource center', we have been described as an "inner healing" center.

Who We Are

  • We have a firm belief that everyone can overcome self-injury and self-destructive behavior, taking off to higher heights, aiming toward a healthy life! Please know you are welcome to visit with us. 
    • We have a great staff of individuals who volunteer their time and talent at Launching Point that put 'everything they got' into everything at Launching Point!
    • Our focus is to help each person that crosses our path or visits us to take off to higher heights! It is our goal to continue to help the hurting and broken-hearted that Launching Point reaches out to.

    Great People

    • We have wonderful facilitators and leaders who volunteer their time and talents to the groups and programs at Launching Point. 

    Donations Accepted

    • We accept donations of all kinds. If you are an individual looking to donate, or a business interested in giving a financial contribution or gift, please visit our donation page or contact us. 
    • Your tax deductible donation of any amount goes toward the continuation of the material, programs, and services we offer at Launching Point. 
    • Thank you for being a part of what we do!